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As old street lights reflect off shiny cobblestones in the West Village and animated mega neons turn Times Square into a giant floodlit stage, the softly lit walkways of Central Park set the scene for a romantic stroll while the avenues play host to the glaring maze of headlights that cruise slowly by, as choreographed traffic lights cycle above, and storefronts glow under scyscrapers that illuminate the night sky.
Table for four? Sorry we're full. It's Times Square on a hot August night. For more TS shots check out YOU'RE SO SQUARE

New York's food trucks offer an incredible range of edibles and each year The Vendy Awards honor the best of the best.
We are in the Meat Packing District on the West Side of Manhattan. Check out the cool brick street. This area is really hoppin' and there's lots of cool fashion stores and also places where you can let your hair down and get into as much trouble as you like.
It's modern, it's retro, it's funky, it's many different styles and eras and the Meat Packing District has some them side by side.
How cool is it to grab a blanket, pasta and wine, a fruit basket, some Deli faire, maybe a joint, and share a Summer evening in the park, and watch a classic film with a few hundred of your neighbors. It's movie night at Bryant Park and there's not a sad face to be seen except on the screen.... you should try it sometime, unforgettable!!
The new fountain at Lincoln Center is really a work of art and has the patrons enthralled with it's dancing in the air. Indescribable!
The first time you see it, at night, lit up, with the doorman etc, it's "Wow, It's the Russian Tea Room!" Historic New York
Something I have figured out in the nearly twenty years that I have lived in New York. Where do all the flowers go?
Everywhere you look you see these beautiful flower stands but I have never actually seen anyone buying a bunch. Sell! Sell!
You know, you don't need to spend a squillion on a penthouse, or eat at the best place in town, or have front row tickets to the hottest play on Broadway. You can have a really good time just hangin on a bench at Columbus Circle on a hot August nite, cool breeze passin by, there's kids playin, there's friends and lovers, it's New York doin its thing all around you for free...
Every Summer, Lincoln Center holds the Lincoln Center Out Of Doors concerts and guess what.... They are all free.
Take a seat, the show is about to start. Who is it tonight? A Moroccan Orchestra called Gusto.... Wow! Did you see the tribute to Laura Nyro? Yeah, that was great, but what about Valerie Simpson's tribute to Nick Ashford or, hang on, what about Nile Rogers and Chic tearin up the neighborhood doin all those hits... Damn, they were all good!
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