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Tarrytown has been a desirable little area in Westchester to reside in for many years because of its proximity to NYC and old town charms.

You can take a Metro North train here straight out of Grand Central and be here in 20 - 45 minutes depending on whether or not you are on an express train or one that makes every stop along the way. You can walk from the train station up the hill to Main Street and be in the village in a few minutes. Main Street has all of the charm it had when it was first built, in fact has been used in films. There is a lot of history in the area that can be seen every where in the architecture and parks. When you walk down Main Street you cannot miss the exquisite Music Hall built in 1885 and kept in original landmark condition. Up the road is the Sleepy Hollow cemetery that has gravestones from the 1600's.

As you walk around you the little village side streets will see a lot of comfortable looking porches and well kept granny gardens and notice how clean the sidewalks and curbs are. They have a lot of parades in Tarrytown, without warning, one little league parade shut down Main Street for 15 minutes while they held traffic at the light.

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